Books and sources for GATE/ESE preparation

Fluid Mechanics :

• R. K. Bansal

• Modi & Seth – only as a reference book (solved examples are good)

Heat and Mass Transfer :

• Cengel and Boles

Thermodynamics :

• P. K. Nag (Questions)

• Cengel and Boles (Theory) 

IC engine :

• Ganeshan (topic is less important for gate, but asked frequently in PSU interviews)

Theory of Machines :

• S. S. Rattan

Machine Design :

• V. B. Bhandari

Strength of Materials :

• S. S. Rattan

• Beer Johnston / Hibbler (reference book)

Material Science & Production :

• Swadesh Singh (advanced. Study only after clearing basics)  

• PN Rao (overall good but has some major mistakes. Be careful)

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