GATE / ESE Study Plan and Time Table for College Going students

Preparing for GATE along with managing regular college chores can get difficult sometimes. Not anymore! All it needs is a good plan and your determination to stick to it.

I not only secured an All India Rank -37 in GATE 2014 in my first attempt but also managed to be the topper of my batch securing a CGPA of 9.59. I am providing you a time table on how you can manage GATE + College together.

Points to keep in mind:

  • GATE/ESE is your priority. Not your college.

  • College gives you a leeway to have around 75% attendance. So you can miss around 25% of the lectures. Plan those 25% well. Do not skip your college to sleep in your hostel. If you are feeling sleepy or unwell. Remember that your professors can make you sleep better. So attend the classes. Sit of the last bench and sleep.

  • You spend a LOT of time in your college daily. If you do not utilize that time for GATE/ESE, it is going to get difficult. Study for GATE even in college hours.

  • Since it might not be possible to solve GATE numerical in the regular college classes, you can study theoretical subjects which do not need much mental attention. I used to take images of subjects like Material Science, Manufacturing and Production, and study them in college classes through mobile. You will never get caught!

  • After every few hours, pay little attention to what is going on in the class so that at least you have a very rough idea of what is being taught.

  • If you are preparing well for GATE, many subjects taught in your college will be easy for you since conceptual and numerical part will be covered by GATE preparation. For derivations, I guess few nights before the exam are enough.

  • For subjects which are not in GATE, try to cover the class content every week for them in college hours only. It is take very less time since such subjects are limited.

  • I did not have the facility of such Facebook group for GATE/ESE where a lot of good questions and concepts are discussed (, but now you have. Use it well!

Time Table:

“Either you bear the pain of discipline or you bear the pain of consequences”

1. The time table given is a rough estimate of how you can plan your day and studies. You may modify it according to your college hours/other constraints. The main motive is to put in as many efficient hours as you can in your studies. That is what will make to stand firm in the national competition.

2. Question Solving in the time table involves solving Question Bank + Previous year questions.

3. While spending time in GATE Fb group, solve as much random Qns as you can. Do not solve questions from only that subject which you are studying. This will ensure that you also solve questions from all the subjects which you have completed and will help in revising.

4. Do not seek comfort. Following a time table strictly is difficult but do not give up! Enjoy it. Love it. Embrace it.

5. If you are doing self-preparation/studying in some classroom coaching but struggling in clearing concepts, doubts and question solving, you may join Exergic GATE Courses here:

6. If you face any preparation related doubt, you can mail us at We will try our best to help you. 🙂



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