Prepare for GATE/ESE with our Facebook group

I am writing this blog post for those aspirants who are either new to GATE / ESE Preparations or are new members of Exergic‘s Facebook group ‘GATE & IES Preparation’ (

  • Step 1:
    Watch this YouTube video where I have discussed about how I prepared for GATE. I am sure you will be able to pick up some effective points from the video:
  • Step 2:
    Start your preparation with either of these subjects – Theory of Machines / Mechanics / Strength of Materials. There knowledge will be used in further subjects.
  • Step 3:
    Whatever topics you are reading, do not miss solving previous year questions of that topic. This will also give you a decent idea of trend and type of questions asked in GATE / ESE.
  • Step 4:
    If you face any doubt in any question or regarding preparation, you can post it in the group. That doubt will get resolved.
  • Step 5:
    If you think that there is something good that you learned, the best way to keep that in mind is to share it. When you talk about something with more people, that conversation stays in mind. So, share whenever you learn something good or face a good question. The most active members of the group have performed very good in these exams.These are some quick points that will help you get a start, for other queries/doubts, we all are here to help you. All the best! 
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