GATE Topper Interview: AIR-1, GATE 2017 (Hasan Asif)

1. Was it your first attempt? If no, then share experience of your previous GATE attempts.
Yes it was my first attempt

2. What was your strategy for attempting the paper? Which section did you attempt first? How did you distribute time among various sections?
I made a plan during mock tests that since 2 marks questions involve more thinking and calculations, I will attempt them first when the mind is fresh.

3. A lot of questions asked in GATE are numerical answer type questions. According to you, what can help aspirants in improving accuracy in NAT questions?

Mock tests, and more and more use of virtual calculator rather than trying to solve numericals using manual calculator.

4. Which study material and standard books would you recommend for GATE aspirants in each subject?

I would say that a particular author’s book doesn’t matter a lot. Just whichever author you refer, make sure that it clears your concepts. What matters most is past papers and mock tests.

5. How many months did you take to prepare for GATE? When did you start you GATE preparation and in which month were you able to complete the course once?
Since I was preparing alongside my B. Tech, I had shortage of time per day, so I started before commencement of 5th semester. I did not go like I will complete each subject once, and then revise. What I did is I completed and revised the difficult subjects like SOM, FM and Thermodynamics, before even starting subjects like Mathematics which is comparatively easier.

6. Syllabus for GATE is really vast. What was your revision strategy for GATE while preparations?
I made concept notes. I wrote the concept in small points form. This helped me revise a huge subject like SOM in 4-5 hours.

7. What do you think is the role of solving previous year GATE questions in GATE preparations?

It is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the preparation!

8. What is the role of mock tests in your success in GATE exam? How many mock tests did you attempt? When did you start attempting mock tests?

I gave 30+ mocks. I started giving them in December. It helped me gain confidence in using virtual calculator.

9. How did you used to score in Mock Tests? According to you, is there any correlation between mock test score and actual GATE score?

In mocks I started with 50s, then improved to 60-65… And then constantly maintained 70-80 in january. It doesn’t have a direct correlation, but it helps to be prepared for worse.

10. How did you tackle aptitude questions in GATE? How you prepare for them?

For aptitude I just went through a college book on aptitude for 2-3 days. For verbal, I didn’t practice anything. But I feel looking at this year’s aptitude, students must prepare.

11. What was your biggest motivation for GATE? What kept you going?

I aimed a good score. This is what kept me going. I wanted to be in top 50 from the very beginning.

12. Getting a good rank in an exam like GATE is a really emotional moment. How was it like for you? Whom would you link to dedicate this success to?

I would dedicate this success to the ALMIGHTY and my family for their constant support.

13. Any success mantra in particular for GATE aspirants?

I would say that GATE is quite easy. There is no need for any coaching if the student is sincere. Start early. Start slowly. Be steady. Be continuous.

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