Exergic – Video Course for GATE (ME, PI, CE)


We have uploaded few videos from our upcoming Video Course on YouTube and we flooded with queries regarding this course. So, we thought on writing an article on this so that you get a clear perspective of everything about this course.

“We always believe in quality over quantity. We could have launched the video course very early but we never rush into making courses just for the sake of it. Exergic Video Course is going to be one of the top video courses for GATE”.– Chandresh Kr. Mahajan, Founder@Exergic.in

 Some important information regarding our Video Course for GATE.

• Branches: ME, PI, CE

• You may attend the course demo on our YouTube Channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/exergic

• Course is going to release subject wise. This means that not all the subjects will be available at once and we will keep releasing the subject one by one. For GATE 2019, we are releasing these 7 subjects:

1. Strength of Materials
2. Theory of Machines
3. Engineering Thermodynamics
4. Thermodynamics Applications
5. Fluid Mechanics
6. Material Science + Metrology
7. Manufacturing and Production
8. Heat Transfer
9. Industrial Engineering
10. Machine Design
Engineering Mechanics

• We are starting with Strength of Materials and will release all 7 subjects by August-September 2018. Our Full Video Course (for GATE 2019) will include these 7 subjects only.

Fees and Enrolment details:

You may enrol for courses now onwards. You may book your seat because due to bandwidth restriction in our portal, we only have limited seats for Video Course this year. If you are interested, you should enroll now.
Fees and enrolment details are as below:

Full Video Course ( Rs. 12,999/- )
   Enrol here: 

Strength of Materials ( Rs. 2999/- )
Enrol here:

Theory of Machines ( Rs. 2999/- )
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

Engineering Thermodynamics (Rs. 2999/-)
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

Thermodynamics Applications (Rs. 2999/-)
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

Fluid Mechanics (Rs. 2999/-)
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

Material Science + Metrology (Rs. 3999/-)
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

Manufacturing and Production (Rs. 4999/-)
   Enrolment Link: Coming Soon

For any further details, mail us at chandresh@exergic.in