ONGC Interview Experience • Vandeep Godhani

A brief of interview experience of Vandeep Godhani is given below:

“My interview was on 4th June 2018. After greetings I was asked about my GATE All India Rank and GATE Score.

Then the panel asked which one would you prefer first: HR interview or Technical interview. I went for Technical.

Then I was asked these technical questions:

• What is vibration?
• Name some vibration measuring instruments.
• What is Flash point, Fire point, and Pour point?
• What is Tribology?
• Tell about Induction motor? (This was a question from Electrical engineering asked to a person from Mechanical engineering)
• Tell about speed control of induction motor.
• What is Synchronous motor?

In HR Interview, I was asked:

• About my father’s occupation. 
• Effects of demonetisation. Was it a good move or a bad move by Govt of India?
• From which place had East India Company started its business?


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