ONGC Interview Experience • Rohit Thapliyal

A brief of interview experience of Rohit Thapliyal is given below:

“My interview was on 28th May 2018. After entering, I was asked to take the seat. There were 5 members in the panel, consisting one madam from HR.

Firstly they asked me to tell them about myself where I gave my basic introduction.

Then this is how my interview started:

• What you think about ONGC, tell in 5 sentences. I told about ONGC and in 4th point, I told so many things that I felt blank while telling 5th sentence. So, I just said one word, “Dream!” He smiled.

• What is cooling tower?

• Tell me about boilers and its types.

• Tell me about bearings and its types.

• What is scavenging.

• What is supercharging?

• What is the difference between supercharging and turbocharging?

• Tell about your internship experience? What did you do in your internship? (I had done internship from DRDO Dehradun) and they asked 2-3 technical questions related to what I told about my internship.

• Explain your B.Tech final year project. It was on concepts related to psychrometry, so they asked me 3-4 technical questions about it.

This is how my HR Interview was:

• I was asked few questions from my application form. Like what are your negative etc. on the basis of what I had written in the form. So, make sure you fill the form correctly and remember what you have written there.

• Tell me about Make In India (Govt Initiative) and its objectives.

• Which ministry ONGC comes in? I answered. Then I was asked who was the minister of this ministry. I answered. 

• Who is the current Chairman of ONGC? I answered.

Final Result: SELECTED



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