Passion meets hard work!

I’m going to write an honest review of my journey here as I believe this might be helpful for many of my friends and juniors. I see a lot of pessimism and negativity specially among our Engineering Graduates. I hope that this might be useful for some of you. 

I started my academic journey from a government school in Muzaffarpur, Bihar (Students get mid-day meal there these days). I was an average student there but somehow I used to be class topper there.

Now when I take a serious look back, I think there are two very crucial moments in one’s life where one has to take life changing decisions: First after class 12th and second after you complete your B.Tech degree. After 12, I got admission in Jadavpur University in 2010. But the euphoria of JU was not going to last for too long as I screwed my first couple of semesters because of variety of reasons (being selected in University Cricket team was one). And it was purely because of fear of not getting a decent job from campus, I started GATE Preparation in Final Year.

But life was not easy during first few days as I was completely out touch with studies. However, after first 10-15 days I started enjoying study. The thing that has always helped me is that ‘once I start doing something, I do it whole heartedly. I secured AIR-259 in GATE-2014 but could not secure a PSU job even with that rank (Number of PSUs from GATE was less in 2014). 

Generally, what happens that if u don’t get a decent job after securing that kind of rank in an examination where nearly 2 lakh candidates have appeared, you lose hope in the system. But I had other plans.

I decided to go for IES-2015 and I decided to do it by self-study, this was the only flaw in an otherwise perfect plan. I failed in IES-2015 and couldn’t do well in GATE-2015. I still had the option of M. Tech from any IIT. But I had to start earning to provide some financial stability to my family. So I joined an IITJEE coaching in Kolkata. I was doing very good there but I always felt that only reason I went to teaching was because I failed somewhere else.

In July 2017 I decided to finish the unfinished task: IES, so that I can continue teaching for the rest of my life with greater passion.

I joined coaching for IES preparation. I remember a funny incident from the day I went there for admission which I’m tempted to share with you people. On 7th of July, I went for admission in the IES coaching. The receptionist asked for photographs for I-Card and Admission form. I enquired whether you people will use same photographs in your study materials next year or I get to change as I don’t have decent photographs now. She smiled and replied u can change later if you want. Anyway, I secured AIR-143 in GATE-2018, have also cleared IES- Prelims. Hopefully will clear the next stages as well.

As of Now I’m teaching for IIT-JEE and will continue this noble profession. I will be doing M. Tech with GATE-2018 result for better opportunities in teaching profession.

Fuel of journey

My parents were very supportive throughout my life. My father is a real hero for me. He started selling milk when I was one year old and from 1992 to 2015 he did that job every single day without any leave. When I was small child, I remember my father crying once because someone had stolen his cycle and he didn’t had money to buy new cycle. When u have such hard working parents it was only natural for me to do my job as a student honestly. But special fillip that was needed to start preparation for IES-2018 was provided the love of my life (Raya madamji).

I think consistency during preparation is most important. See the exam is not difficult but a people are afraid of result from the beginning itself. Just give your best. If you are too much obsessed about that outcome it is impossible to give your 100% during preparation. 

I would suggest that don’t overthink. Keep it simple. Over thinking creates problems which are never there in the first place.

Preparation Details

I think 5-6 months are sufficient for GATE exam. Books that I followed are as follows:

• Thermodynamics: P K Nag, Cengel and Boles
• SOM: SS Rattan
• HMT: P K Nag
• Machine Design: R S Khurmi
• TOM: R S Khurmi
• Fluid Mechanics: R K Bansal  

I started mock test 2 months before the exam. It helps you in time management and also improves your silly mistakes. I used to get 70-75 marks in Mock test but in GATE-2018 I scored 84.7 marks. I feel one gets 10-15 marks extra in actual GATE paper as they are relatively easy compared to Mock tests.


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