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This is a private Facebook group for students of Exergic who enrolled in Video Course / Study Material / LEARN Combo.

Students of premium group get access to unlimited doubt solving, premium guidance webinars, premium GATE tips and database of high quality questions. All these features makes sure that students get such a learning environment which they won’t get elsewhere, not even in Classrooms. Students get personal attention and doubt support which not only helps them improve their weak areas but also makes sure that they do not get stuck anywhere and they learn the right things.

Your doubts will be solved by the founder of Exergic himself, Chandresh Mahajan (AIR-37, GATE 2014).

Your doubts will get resolved within 24 seconds to 24 hours. We do not take leave on Sundays as well. So, this is true for everyday.

Not at all. It is a premium group where we do not leave aspirants with unattended doubts. It is highly moderated group to make sure that no incorrect knowledge is passed on and every doubt is resolved.

To keep you focused in right direction, we conduct Premium webinars at regular intervals. These webinars are crucial to keep yourself well-guided and motivated. 

The webinars are taken by Chandresh Mahajan (AIR-37, GATE 2014).  He guides you about what should be your strategy for the upcoming weeks. And then you can ask any preparation-related query in this one-to-one live webinars.

You can access and watch ALL the previous, as well as webinars that you miss. However to ask questions live, you need to be present in the live webinar.

Video Course / Study Material / LEARN Combo students

Students who enrol in Exergic Video Course or Study Material or LEARN Combo get FREE access to premium group. Validity of Premium Group is same as validity of their course.

Our Courses

Currently, we are focusing all our time, energy and resources on GATE Mechanical & Civil engineering.


Exergic is India’s best and most trusted online GATE Preparation portal. We, at Exergic, believe in smart and innovative work to fuel your GATE preparation. And we work very hard to provide you with top notch content, high quality questions, unlimited doubt support and honest guidance.

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