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Clips from Exergic Video Course covering those tips & silly mistakes which are not covered in any other Classroom coaching, books or material.

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Full Videos of Exergic Video Course covering subjects from the basics. You can cover some portion of the syllabus from them.

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Guidance and motivational videos for GATE aspirants.

Previous Year Questions

Not just solution but detailed discussion of previous year questions.

Exergic Shorts

Mechanical, Civil

Uncommon concept from Heat Transfer in Polytropic Process

Unique concept from Combined Flow (Laminar + Turbulent)!

Fresh concept from Mechanical Advantage!

Demo Videos

Mechanical, Civil

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Guidance & Motivation

All Branches

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Previous Year Questions


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We, at Exergic, believe in smart and innovative work to fuel your GATE preparation.

With Exergic, you can prepare for GATE and PSUs in one of the most effective ways where you get top notch content, high quality questions, unlimited doubt support and honest guidance.

Within a short span of 20 months, we have 7+ Ranks in top 100 and 20+ Ranks in top 500. Succeed at GATE / PSUs with Exergic.


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