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Guidance and motivational videos for GATE aspirants.

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Clips from Exergic Video Course covering those tips & silly mistakes which are not covered in any other Classroom coaching, books or material.

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Videos from Exergic Video Course which contains not just the solution of previous year questions but also the detailed discussion.

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Full Videos of Exergic Video Course covering subjects from the basics. You can cover some portion of the syllabus from them.

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How to stay motivated for GATE - हिन्दी में (English Subtitles)

How to Crack GATE with College - हिन्दी में (English Subtitles)

GATE 2020 Vlog #1 : Test Series Planning and Approach - हिन्दी में (English Subtitles)

Top 3 mistakes to avoid in Full Length Tests | GATE 2020 Vlog #2 - हिन्दी में (English Subtitles)


AIR - 1, GATE 2019 (Mechanical) shares powerful tips for GATE

GATE Test Series - 2 things to avoid

GATE Aspirants pay attention...

How to prepare numerical questions for GATE

Chandresh Mahajan's advice to GATE Toppers

Most powerful tip on Time Management for exams

Mechanical, Civil

Shortcuts to convert Pv diagram to Ts diagram

Strength of Material's concepts which you missed in PY questions

Uncommon concept from Heat Transfer in Polytropic Process

Interesting Difference between Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity

EOQ Price Break Model in Inventory Control fully explained

Important concept of nominal diameter and core diameter

Unique concept from Combined Flow (Laminar + Turbulent)!

Basics of Thermodynamics Property Table

The untold concept of Theory of Machines

Unique concept of Fluid Mechanics

Bonus concept in Circular Fillet Welds

Fresh concept from Mechanical Advantage!


Untold concepts of Casting

GATE 2016 (Set 2)

Thread Turning numerical

GATE 2008 (2 Marks)

Fluid Mechanics

GATE 1995 (2 Marks)

Strength of Materials

GATE 2015 (2 marks)

Stress Concentration

GATE 1992 (1 mark)

Mechanical, Civil

Theory of Machines #1

Introduction to Planar Mechanisms

Theory of Machines #2

Kinematic Links and Pairs

Theory of Machines #3

Degree of Freedom

Theory of Machines #4

Chains, mechanisms and their degree of freedoms

Strength of Materials #1

Introduction to Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials #2

Basics of Stress

Strength of Materials #3

Stress and Strain Simplified

Strength of Materials #4

Stress Strain diagram (PART 1)


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