Passionate about creating content?

Exergic welcomes technically sound individuals to be a part of The Change™.

The Change™ explained


Institutes today are running a blind race which is focused on quantity and not quality. Classes are measured in hours. Content is measured in kilograms. Not anymore. We are here to change this. To make effectiveness of content the most important parameter.


Whatever we do and whatever we have planned for future, we have kept just 1 thing in mind: STUDENTS. Every line of content, every minute of videos and every single question is made by keeping students and their benefit in mind.

If you are technically sound enough to create content by keeping focus on quality and students, then you are more than welcome to join our team. Though we know that knowledge is possible without rank, but it is practically not possible for us to check your knowledge by spending time with you. So, we are accepting applications from only GATE and IES toppers having AIR < 200.


From 2016, Exergic is India’s most trusted and experienced institute for Online GATE preparation. Prepare for GATE in one of the most effective and result-oriented ways with Exergic.

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