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Quality Content

We have put in enormous efforts and time in making this extremely powerful content which is easy to grasp and builds strong concepts. You can access content via laptop / desktop/ mobile.

Premium Group

In premium group, you get Unlimited Doubt Support. You can ask us unlimited doubts anytime (other than our course as well). We also conduct regular Premium Webinars in these groups to keep to well- guided and motivated.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

You can not find this in any source / book. After years of practice and expertise, we have developed our own tips, tricks and shortcuts to solve questions. This also includes common silly mistakes that aspirants make.

Solved Examples

Course has 1000+ fully solved and explained examples which will help you in grasping the numerical aspect of the concepts easily. We have handpicked high quality questions as examples to enhance understanding of concepts.

Mobile App integration

You can access course from our Mobile App as well. Both web and app are in perfect sync with each other. So, you can start studying in app in college/office and continue the same lesson on laptop when you reach back.

Offline Download

You can download the course within app and study offline as well. This feature is useful if you do not have a stable internet connection, or if you are travelling for some days and worry about stable internet connection.

In this course, Study material in in the form of Slides. To have a feel of how the course is and how you can ask doubts, attend Demo below!

Premium Group

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Full Study Material

Validity: 1 Year
  • 1 year access
  • All technical subjects
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • PREMIUM GROUP access
  • Branch: ME

Full Study Material

Validity: 2 Years
  • 2 years access
  • All technical subjects
  • Engineering mathematics
  • PREMIUM GROUP access
  • Branch: ME

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Commonly Asked Questions

No. The content of study material is in the form of slides that you can access online as well offline. But it is not in the form of hard copy.

Yes. You will be added in Premium Groups.

Premium Group members can ask doubts from any other source, get Premium Webinars and access of many fully-solved, high-quality questions of Premium Group.

Click ‘Attend FREE Demo’ button above and go to the Full Course (1 year). Inside the Full Course, go to the course of ‘Theory of Machines’. After entering the course, go to ‘Syllabus’. You will be able to see 2 free lessons there.

Yes. You will get instant access after successful payment.

Not in any case! We have enabled following security features for our courses which can get you in legal and financial issues upon sharing course access / content :

  1. Every content has the watermark of your own email ID and OTP verified contact number. If you are wise, you won’t share it with anyone else, because in case your friend with whom you shared your login ID-password shared / spread some of the content publicly, it is you who will get into legal trouble.

  2. We can track the IP address and location from where you are accessing the course. Do not believe it? Just drop a mail at and we will tell you the IP address from which you accessed the course, location, etc.  If the course of a single account is accessed from different IP addresses, your course can get blocked any time by our team. If you are doing it, we would highly recommend you to stop for your own benefit.
  3. Our Content Security Team is keeping a watch on number of logins and reading / watching time for every account. If you have shared your access with others, this time will exceed by 2 – 3 times, which will get noticed by our team and may get your course disabled after IP address tracking.

No refund request will be entertained for those accounts which will be tracked for sharing login details / content of exergic. Thank you for your cooperation in making this course secure.


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