Premium Group Rules

Recommended rules to get the maximum out of Premium Group

Why to follow rules?

A good number of doubts being posted are those which are posted and solved earlier. If you post the same doubt and we ask you you search it, it will take 15-20 minutes for you to search. Worse, you may not be able to find it which will be frustrating for you.

Practically speaking, asking a question for the 1st time will have most detailed explanation. But when same question is asked repeatedly, the explanation provided will be short and concise. So, asking repeated doubts will increase the possibility of less detailed explanation.

You can just type the first 5 words of your question in the ‘search’ option of Facebook group and the question and solution will be in front of you. Waiting time = 0. If you have any doubt in that solution, tag us there. So, all info related with a particular question will be gathered at one place only.

The motive behind all this is to make sure that you access the solution of a lot of questions within 2-3 seconds, which is a very impactful feature we can have. Hence, comments will be closed for doubts posted which do not follow the rule.

Make sure to follow these rules before posting any doubt

Purpose of doubt solving in not to spoon-feed. Spoon feeding harms aspirants, makes them less confident, makes them a quitter and reduces their ability to think.

So whatever doubt you post in group, we expect that you have tried to solve it on your own first and you got stuck somewhere. So, always post your approach. What you did, how you tried to solve and mention where you got stuck or what exact problem are you facing in solving the question.


Even if you have ZERO clue about the question, you still have to write the given data, the given equation. I want to ensure that before asking the doubt, you have put up pen on a paper and try to solve it. I will not encourage a lazy attitude among aspirants at all where you just take a picture of the doubt and post it without trying to solve it/spending time with the question on your own.

Before posting a doubt, go to the ‘search‘ option in the Facebook group and write the first 5 words of that question. If the first 5 words of that question are equations/symbols, search for last 5 words

If no questions come up in search, only then post the doubt using Rule 2.

If you find your question already discussed, you can go through the comments to see the already done discussion of that question. In most cases, your doubt will get resolved from the discussion in comment section. If you have some further doubt in the that post, follow Rule 3.

If you are unable to search for your doubt using Rule 1, do this:

  1. Make a fresh post for your doubt.
  2. For every doubt that you post in the form of images, you have to write first 5-7 words of that question in the post.
  3. If the first 5 words are equations or having symbols, write last 5-7 words.

For example,

suppose you have a doubt in the following question:

you will paste this image and ask your doubt. But add this line in the doubt:

Keywords :
Two slip gauges of 10 mm width 


But what about this question:

This question has a symbol in the first five words which can be difficult for you to type. In such cases, as told in the rule above, add last 5 words as Keywords.

Keywords: times compared to earlier value.

NOTE: While asking doubts from video course or study material or any book, if it is a solved example or quiz question or numerical, then keywords ARE NEEDED. To discuss any general concept from these sources, keywords are not needed.

If you find your question already discussed and you have some further doubt in the that post.

Watch this video to know how to ask your doubt in such situation:

Premium Group is not a casual group. It is strictly for doubt support and GATE guidance. If you have anything else to discuss, where about a personal issue or any software issue or any other issue, mail at

Strict action may be taken against those who will disturb the sincerity of Premium Group by posting non technical stuff.

Question Searching tips

If you have tried searching using first 5 terms of the questions and you are not able to find your question, then try tips mentioned below.

TIP 1. Try removing / keeping space between value and unit. Example: If keyword has 10 mm, try using 10mm. 

TIP 2. If question has some special / uncommon term, try searching only that ignoring first 5 words. Example: If you have some question on top gating in Metal Casting, you may try searching only top gate / top gating. Similar questions can pop up.

TIP 3. If the question that you are posting has numeric values in first 5 terms and it is not a previous year question, then try you can try search by ignoring the numerical term. Some questions are made just by changing the data. In that case, it may help.

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