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Quality Questions

1000+ questions made and curated by our team of GATE and ESE toppers to test in-depth concepts. It is our guarantee that you will not find such quality questions in any other question bank.

Unlimited practice

Course is available throughout the year. For a good rank, practice should always go parallel with theory. Learn concepts which you can never learn from theory.

Fully Solved

Questions are Fully Solved with detailed explanations for a better understanding.


Questions are divided Topic-wise to make sure that no concepts is missed. Work on every weakness for a good rank!

Mobile App access

Solve questions and practice anywhere, anytime from Exergic Android App.

Doubt Support

This question bank is included in GATE Study Material package. So if purchased via GATE Study Material package, you will also get doubt dolving in Question Bank.

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Price: Rs. 999 1999 
Validity: 12 months

More than 70% contribution in my success is of Exergic. The concepts tested were relevant and of GATE level.
Mohit Bhatia, AIR 76 - GATE '18 (ME)
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After reading any topic or unit, most of us start solving questions from random sources, like any standard books. Questions in these sources are not  created specially for GATE and we end up wasting a lot of time without effectively knowing what to solve and what not to solve. What we actually need at that time is a good and credible question bank to solve quality question to learn. This question bank serves that purpose. Test Series is to be used after completing the syllabus before 3-4 months prior to GATE; but Question Bank is to be used throughout the year parallely while completing syllabus.

We have deliberately kept the difficulty level of questions above the GATE level so that you can learn many useful concepts. Even if you are able to solve 40% questions correctly, that would be considered as a good score.

Yes. The question bank is fully solved with detailed explanations.

We could have made 3000 questions on repeated concepts, but we chose quality over quantity. In this question bank, each and every question is based on separate concepts; you won’t find repeated questions on same concept.

Absolutely not.

Question Bank is valid till for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Yes. Question Bank has online calculator in the portal which is exactly the same as GATE Calculator.

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