Boost your rank for GATE 2019

Revision & Crash Course

Will be launched 3-4 months before GATE 2019

"Very effective. In a very short time I was able to recall all the formulas as well as important concepts regarding that subject which saved me a lot of time in last crucial months."
Prateek Gupta, AIR-32, GATE 2018 (ME)
"Direct questions came in the main exam from Exergic's revision modules. Excellent!"
Mrinal Raj, AIR-280, GATE 2017 (ME)


Relevant Concepts

Covers all concepts needed for GATE 2018. Content is selected keeping in mind the importance and relevance. There were direct questions in GATE '17 from our this course.

Time Saver

Save your time in crucial months. Content is curated such that whole subject can be covered in few minutes.

Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Includes tips, tricks and shortcuts to solve questions. This includes common silly mistakes that aspirants make.


You can access the course from your mobile as well. Use your traveling time for revision!


This course is highly recommended for every sincere GATE aspirant. It is ideal for revision in last 3 months before GATE to boost your rank and be in contact touch with the basics.

Full Course is a detailed course of theory, numericals and doubt solving. Full Course has more explanations, animations, examples and videos than this course. This course is a condensed course recommended for revision in last few months and is not to be taken as a replacement of Full Course.

Yes! You can access this course till 31st March 2019. Hence, it will be useful for other exams like ISRO, BARC, etc.

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