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This video will open your eyes!​

English   ●   GATE 2023, 2024   ●   41 Mins

This video will tell you some SECRETs of education industry which are not known to students. Also, this video will give you a complete overview of Mechanical engineering. And will discuss how Questions are now framed in GATE. Must for GATE 2023 and 2024 aspirants.



How to stay Motivated for GATE?

Hindi   ●   GATE 2023, 2024   ●   13 Mins

While preparing for any competitive exam like GATE, you have to ensure that you take every single day sincerely. But, how to deal with those days when you don’t feel motivated and driven? This Episode will give you the most useful inputs into keeping yourself motivated.


5 Mistakes to avoid for GATE 2023

Hindi   ●   GATE 2023  ●   15 Mins

Making mistakes is human nature. But while preparing for GATE, some mistakes can cost you 1 or more years. The mistakes I have discussed in this episode are made by more than 90% aspirants. Make sure that you do not repeat them as GATE 2023 aspirant.


Recorded vs Live?

English   ●   GATE 2023, 2024   ●   15 Mins

While preparing Online for GATE, there are 2 path that you can choose: Recorded lectures or Live lectures. In this lecture, I have discussed pros and cons of both. And how Exergic offers a unique solution to the problem.


This 2-minute Habit will transform you

English   ●   GATE 2023  ●   8 Mins

Coming soon…

Learn effectively!


How to make Killer Notes?

English   ●   GATE 2023, 2024   ●   23 Mins

The skill of making Notes can change your life! Yes, it episode will be helpful not only in your GATE but also in your life when it comes to writing down what’s important for you. Watch this episode to know 5 Notes-making Tips for GATE.


How to prepare for GATE with college?

Hindi   ●   GATE 2023, 2024  ●   26 Mins

I cracked GATE in my first attempt with college. In my opinion, cracking GATE with college requires smart approach. And if done right, it can save 1-2 years of your life !! Must watch episode college students preparing for GATE 2023 and 2024.

Solve like a PRO !

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