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I cannot quantify how much contribution Exergic has made in my success! The course helped me a lot to improve my accuracy and concepts. Each student may have different weak side and only Exergic helps students to identify mistakes specific to each student. For me, that was the greatest turning point. The course proved 100% relevant to GATE.
Sreekanth CP, AIR 28 - GATE '18 (ME)
Study Material Package, Test Series
For those student who are preparing for GATE sincerely, for them Exergic Test series and Revision courses are must. It will definitely help you to make your preparations some what easy. Exergic's test series is entirely different from other institues because the variety and quality of question is unmatchable. Tests had new types of questions which will make you think more. Really Exergic test series played a vital role in my success. I joined Revision Course also which is very effective. In a very short time I was able to recall all the formulas as well as important concepts regarding that subject which saved me a lot of time in last crucial months.
Prateek Gupta, AIR 32 - GATE '18 (ME)
Revision Course, Test Series
I would strongly recommended Exergic study material to those who want to stick to the syllabus as well as practice untouched areas of GATE which gives an edge over other aspirants. Some new types of questions in GATE 2018 were from the course only. Completely relevant!
Abhishek Kumar, AIR 71 - GATE '18 (ME)
Study Material package
More than 70% contribution in my success is of Exergic. In Exergic Test Series, common possible errors are mentioned after each subject wise tests which is not there in any other institute. The concepts tested were relevant and of GATE level.
Mohit Bhatia, AIR 76 - GATE '18 (ME)
Question Bank | Test Series
Exergic test series was very helpful during my preparation as I kept them as a stepping stone for each subject. Performance feedback and review given by Exergic in last month for improvement helped me a lot to analyse my weak areas. It was a very relavant test series and infact direct questions came in main exam which I had already solved in the tests. On the top of it, Personal support of Chandresh sir to each student is very beneficial, which is not provided in any other institute.
Pranshu Gupta, AIR 126 - GATE '18 (ME)
Test Series
This course covered both conceptual as well as numerical problems relevant to GATE and made me very strong conceptually. Very beneficial for gate aspirants and I would definitely recommend this course to sincere GATE aspirants.
Sharad Baheti, AIR 143 - GATE '18 (ME)
Study Material package | Test Series
Chandresh sir's methodology of teaching is truly different, unique and unconventional , once you join you will feel the difference. I was so able to master the subjects. All the topics covered from every subject were relevant and even direct questions came in the main exam from his revision modules. Excellent! Cheers for Chandresh sir for helping us so much for whole year without any signs of frustration or hesitation.
Mrinal Raj (AIR - 280, GATE 2017)
I feel Chandresh sir is the best in the art of delivering complex concepts in a very lucid fashion. Before Joining I was not having confidence, but after completing his course, I was feeling confident while solving problems. Chandresh sir explains each and everything in a very simple way, even layman can understand and have command over the topics.
Kumar Arpit (AIR - 452, GATE 2017)
IISc (CPDM), IIT M (Production), IIT D (Design), IIT Kgp (Design)
My decision of joining Exergic has been the best decision so far. Earlier I was very afraid of the general engineering subjects but it was due to Chandresh Sir's teaching that I was able to clear my concepts. Gate is mainly about having clear concepts and their application, which is mainly focused on, in Exergic.
Shraddha Shandilya (AIR - 59, GATE 2017 PI)
Exergic Study Material user
Quality content, brilliant teaching, learning made easy and interesting through modules, high responsiveness (clearing doubts on time), frequent tests for practice and revision, highly interactive study, highly affordable. Try it for once and you will never regret your decision. Thank you Chandresh Mahajan sir 🙂
Harjot Singh (AIR - 147, GATE 2017 PI)
Exergic Study Material user
I have learnt a lot from this course. Although I had scored 65 marks in gate 2017 but I was not confident as far as subject knowledge was concerned. I had simply mugged-up formula and solved previous year questions but I was not knowing about reason behind those formula, theoretical aspect of those topics, so any new conceptual question was my nightmare earlier. But now after going through Exergic content I am confident about my subject knowledge and can attempt any conceptual question in much more better way. Although it is a content based course but the language is so interactive that when we read it through slides on laptop it seems like someone is coming out of screen and teaching. I never knew that subjects can be taught in so much interactive, simple and effective way. Every single penny invested to join Exergic is getting highly utilized. Thanks for providing us such an amazing platform for gate preparation.
Raj Kumar Singh
Exergic Study Material user
Initially I was lagging in terms of accuracy and confidence, Exergic fulfilled all that I needed before the GATE 2018 exam. The questions given in the Exergic question bank are really very selective and covered almost all important areas in each subject. As I am in my final year of B.Tech so it was difficult for me to be involved in both the things - GATE preparation and B.Tech. But with the help of Exergic I carried out my preparation and revision in a smart way rather than in a conventional way. I thank you Exergic for good variety of GATE courses designed according to the need of students. Hats off to Chandresh Sir.
Anup Tiwari
Exergic Study Material user
Content of both, the material and question bank, are superb. Content is concise and well written and an average student can easily grasp the concepts even if he/she knows nothing about the subject before. Quality questions and beautifully explained concepts are its benchmarks. App also helped me to read wherever I go even during lecture hours. I was nothing before I joined this course, but now I learnt all the technical subjects of mechanical engineering and that too at such a low fee. I also liked how the mentors quickly resolve our doubts in the fb group.
Sourabh Kumar
Exergic Study Material user
Course is so well designed. Each and every slide is important and so much relevant to the syllabus. I will always be grateful to you (Chandresh Sir) and to this course. Thermodynamics always haunted me but know I look for thermo questions to solve! 🙂 Same story is for all subjects. Inclusion of Question Bank is the best part of this course. It puts an end to the search of quality questions. Thank you.
Shahim Fatmi
Exergic Study Material user
I think this is the only one stop solution platform in India for Mechanical Engineering aspirants who want to crack GATE exams for PSUs or M. Tech. This course taught me basics of mechanical engineering which I didn't learn while studying B.E. I will rate scale 4.5/5 because of its quality content where ordinary/average student like me who did not have a strong foundation about engineering basics earlier is now able to solve most of the questions for GATE. Thanks Exergic!!
Anil Kumar K B
Exergic Study Material user
Course is extremely good! Its better to join Exergic rather than throwing money in other branded coaching. Content is purely dedicated to GATE. Short, sweet and upto the mark. From my side 5 stars (10/10)! Highly recommended for the great value for money 🙂
Ashish Kumar
Exergic Study Material user
80% of things were new to me before joining the course! Technical knowledge is at least 5 times more now. My favorite part of this course was doubts that were solved by Exergic team! Totally satisfied with this course. Overall experience: 5/5
Rahul Shanbagh
Exergic Study Material user
Excellent course material. Precisely drafted the practice problems which covers all subjects' questions and most important are the concepts which are explained very shrewdly. All subjects are covered in the course and have provided all required important formulae.
Nitish Karhe
Exergic Study Material user
Its one of the best course out there. The best thing about it is the community of students and guidance from mentors. Despite being an online course, the way our doubts are cleared is truly commendable. I think its a good course for an undergrad like me to prepare from home and learn and grow.
Manash Chaudhary
Exergic Study Material user
EXERGIC test series are one of the best test series that I have seen till now. After joining 'Revision & Crash Course' & 'GATE Test Series', it has not only helped me to filter out the self made notes (especially for GATE exam) but also helped me to get aware all of the hidden concept involved in previous year questions and unknown questions.
Pradeep Kumar
Exergic Question Bank + Test Series user
I am happy to say that Exergic has cleared a lot of crucial concepts before GATE. Without Exergic, GATE preparations would have been nightmare. Really awesome 🙂
Kaustav Roy
Exergic Study Material user
It is an awesome and revolutionary idea which has given hope to students who can't afford to take a coaching due to various constraints like time (for those who are doing job), money etc. Outstanding thing about this is that students can easily reach faculty members 24x7 by message / mail / call. Thank you so much Chandresh sir.
Avi Dipak
Exergic Study Material user
Best and affordable. Why to waste time in NPTEL, join Exergic and see the benefits of learning more in the same time. Explained with beautiful examples. I regret for joining the course late.
Anurag Sadhukhan
Exergic Study Material user
As soon as I completed Thermodynamics from Exergic Material, I was able to solve almost every question that I see. I used to think that may be I need to solve more questions in Thermodynamics to get clarity but the truth is that I needed an effective study material to clear the concepts first.
Sukhpreet Singh
Exergic Study Material user
Every concept covered was easy to understand.if any one got doubt that will be solved quickly. Content is purely relevant to gate and for concept building. Course also include latest topics which are added in gate exam syllabus. I liked the question bank included in the package very much. Questions were designed to increase thinking ability and better approach to attempt question in gate exam with confidence. The points I missed last year were also included in this course.
Sahil Sarmal
Exergic Study Material user
It is one of the great online course to prepare for GATE. The way Chandresh Sir has prepared the course is engaging and make your concept crystal clear. If you are preparing at your own then it is best to join this course. You will not regret your decision ever. Highly recommended!
Sunny Raghav
Exergic Study Material user
The tests are really up the edge and questions reflect the true intellect of the Team Exergic. The review provided by you after the tests is breathtaking; fees like listening from expert directly. Thank you. Long live Exergic
Mandakini Shyam
Exergic Test Series user
I really found his Strength of Materials online course pretty good with problem and solution approach. There are small small things which we miss in self preparation. The secret doubt solving group and his all course help in that case.
Rahul Gussain
Exergic Study Material user
The relevance of course is not only crucial for those who already know concepts but it is highly useful for beginners as well since the content is so designed that anyone can understand easily. The course helped me a lot. 10/10.
Vijay Kona
Exergic Study Material user
Excellent course. Falling short of words. One of the best part of the course is Doubt Solving. No other offline/online coaching can beat Exergic in Doubt solving.
Marmik Doshi
Exergic Study Material user
Overall very time saving course. You can access this effective material without roaming around from coaching to coaching & without the need to see books. Content quality is awesome. The course helped me a lot in improving my concepts. Exergic rocks!! 🙂
Ankit Srivastav
Exergic Study Material user
The course is very well organised and topics are explained in a very simple manner. The content quality is very good and small small things are also explained which is often not mentioned in books and not taught in other coachings / college.
Rahul Kumar
Exergic Study Material user
I want to thank you that first time I am feeling comfortable in Theory of Machines and maximum credit goes to your online classes. I always used to get scared seeing those Vibrations diagrams in SS Rattan. I never studied these subjects before. Genuine thanks to you!
Swapnil Pathak
Exergic Study Material user
Overall review of the course is very good. It is short, precise and helps to know what exactly we have to study with relevance to GATE. It has helped me a lot after I started my preparations as beginner.
Aman Maheshwari
Exergic Study Material user
Chandresh Sir's contents are far better and compact than Made Easy material.
Sourath Ghosh
Exergic Study Material user
Awesome! Thank you for providing the best available course for GATE. High relevance and great value for money make this course a must buy for aspirants who wants to crack in less time.
Hrishiraj patgiri
Exergic Study Material user
The best program for GATE preparation. Content has very simple explanations which are easy to understand. It helped me a lot. Specially the new android app helped a lot for revision.
Chetan Goudar
Exergic Study Material user
I learnt many new tricks and concepts. I believe EXERGIC will be the 'Baap' of all the coachings in the upcoming years. Long live EXERGIC!
Rocktim Dutta
Exergic Study Material user

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