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Many students struggle in knowing the honest feedback of the institute from those students itself who are studying in that institute. But this is not going to be the case if you are planning to join Exergic.

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Watch below Success Stories of Exergic students who topped in GATE Mechanical. 

In a nutshell, I would rate Exergic a perfect 10/10. The courses that I took were Study Material, Question Bank and Test Series. Exergic gives you a sense of care where you understand that there is a team who is constantly working on your progress. EXERGIC is one of the best thing that ever happened to me and I am very thankful to Mr. Chandresh Sir and team for their constant support and care.

Being from Assam I couldn’t attend any classroom coaching. Though I was criticized by most of my friends as they told that a good rank in GATE is not possible without classroom coaching. I took EXERGIC Video Course, Study Material, Test Series, Question Bank and Revision Course, basically ALL courses of EXERGIC. Without EXERGIC, AIR-16 is a rank I would have in my dreams and it is EXERGIC that has made this dream a reality.

I had enrolled for EXERGIC test series. Other than EXERGIC, I had given nearly all other major test series and I found that either they were above gate level or below gate level. But in EXERGIC, correct balance is maintained between easy, medium and hard questions. Personal guidance is provided, which is different for each student related to his performance and mistakes committed. Give EXERGIC a try then see the difference yourself.

Having prepared through self-study without any coaching material or notes I have always felt the need to practice quality questions which strictly follow the gate syllabus within a defined time frame. EXERGIC test series questions are framed in such a way they will find the loophole in your concepts if you have not understood it well enough. Also, the solutions are explained in a dialogue wise sense by explaining common pitfalls done by students which are generally not found in test series. I sincerely recommend aspirants to use the EXERGIC test series for having complete preparation of GATE.

I have purchased EXERGIC Question Bank for GATE 2019 preparation. For the students who are sincerely preparing for GATE ME, I will definitely recommend the Exergic question bank.

For GATE we need to focus more on problem solving rather than theory. We require some good quality questions to practice. EXERGIC question bank not only provides the quality questions it also helps you to learn some new concepts which is not possible by just reading theories. Thank you Chandresh sir and his team.

If one wants to be very clear with the concept application part then EXERGIC is a good platform. In Exergic test series, the level of questions is very good in terms of concept.  The best part is that after the test, mistakes are highlighted separately in After Test Analysis where they show what are the most probable mistakes done during the tests and how to rectify them. So while attempting the focus should be mostly on the accuracy which is highlighted best in Exergic and also show how to improve them. I would say Exergic is a must try for every GATE aspirant.

I cannot quantify how much contribution Exergic has made in my success! I enrolled in Study Material, Question Bank and Test Series and it helped me a lot to improve my accuracy and concepts. Each student may have different weak side and only Exergic helps students to identify mistakes specific to each student. For me, that was the greatest turning point.

For sincere GATE aspirants, EXERGIC Test series and Revision course are must. Exergic’s test series is entirely different from other institutes because the variety and quality of question is unmatchable. Tests had new types of questions which will make you think more. EXERGIC played a vital role in my success.

EXERGIC test series has completely GATE level questions in full length tests and slightly above GATE level questions in topic wise and subject wise tests. Level of questions are just lovely. Such tricky questions which will make you wonder that why you have not come across such questions in the past. Personal feedback is definitely a plus as no other institute would go to such a trouble to help you in your preparation.

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