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"I cannot quantify how much contribution Exergic has made in my success! Each student may have different weak side. Only Exergic helps students to identify mistakes specific to each student by analysing our tests. For me, that was the greatest turning point."
Sreekanth CP, AIR 28 - GATE '18 (ME)
Exergic Test Series user

Why Exergic Test Series?

Software generated analysis
After Test Review
General Feedback
Personal Feedback

• After Test Review:
After every Full Length Test, we explain what are common silly mistakes that students perform in those questions, and tips to solve a particular question faster are given.

• General Feedback:
It starts few months before GATE where based upon the latest GATE trend and marks, feedback is provided to all enrolled students.

• Personal Feedback:
One of the most unique feedback. Given after manually analysing your attempts. Personalized tips and guidance are given based upon your mistakes pattern. Given in January to regular students.

Since we are the only institute to provide such analysis, it would be best if you see it to believe it! You can download sample of Analysis and Feedbacks that we provide below.

Go ahead. Solve and Improve!

Complete Package

999 Inclusive of GST
  • 47 Topicwise Tests
  • 11 Single Subject Tests
  • 15 Full Length Tests
  • 3 All Indian Open Tests
  • Exergic Analysis and Feedback™
  • Tips, Tricks & Cautions
  • Mobile App access

Full Length Tests

299 Inclusive of GST
  • 15 Full Length Tests
  • 3 All Indian Open Tests
  • Exergic Analysis and Feedback™
  • Tips, Tricks & Cautions
  • Mobile App access

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"For those student who are preparing for GATE sincerely, for them Exergic Test series and Revision courses are must. It will definitely help you to make your preparations some what easy. Exergic's test series is entirely different from other institues because the variety and quality of question is unmatchable. Tests had new types of questions which will make you think more. Really Exergic test series played a vital role in my success. In GATE 2018, some new types of questions were there, which were directly from Exergic Test Series."
Prateek Gupta, AIR 32 - GATE '18 (ME)
Exergic Test Series user
"More than 70% contribution in my success is of Exergic. In Exergic Test Series, common possible errors are mentioned after each subject wise tests which is not there in any other institute. The concepts tested were relevant and of GATE level."
Mohit Bhatia, AIR 76 - GATE '18 (ME)
Exergic Test Series user
"Exergic test series was very helpful during my preparation as I kept them as a stepping stone for each subject. Performance feedback and review given by Exergic in last month for improvement helped me a lot to analyse my weak areas. It was a very relavant test series and infact direct questions came in main exam which I had already solved in the tests. On the top of it, Personal support of Chandresh sir to each student is very beneficial, which is not provided in any other institute."
Pranshu Gupta, AIR 126 - GATE '18 (ME)
Exergic Test Series user

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