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Quality Content

We have put in enormous efforts and time in making this extremely powerful content for video course which is easy to grasp and builds concepts like never before. The concepts are delivered in the easiest manner possible.

24x7 Doubt Solving

We genuinely solve all your doubts (even from outside of our content). Your doubts will get resolved within 24 hours in our Private Doubt Solving Facebook group. If you do not use Fb, you can directly ask doubts with the course as well without.

Tips and Tricks

You can not find this in any source / book. After years of practice and expertise, we have developed our own tips, tricks and shortcuts to solve questions. This includes common silly mistakes that aspirants make.

Solved Examples

Video Course includes solved examples which are picked meticulously to develop understanding of concepts and problem solving approach.

Access anywhere

You can access video lectures anytime from anywhere: Laptop/Desktop/Mobile/Tablet. Any device which can access internet.

Guidance from Toppers

Struggling to make a time table or managing preparations along with college, get all preparation related guidance directly from GATE toppers.

Fun Fact

Faculties from famous institutes of Delhi and Hyderabad are also enrolled in our Video Course! Though we are not sure why, but we like to believe these are the reasons:
1) The way we have explained concepts is extremely simply.
2) We have included many concepts in Video Course which we discovered after solving lots of questions over many years. These concepts are exclusively present in our course and hard to learn from other sources.

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Full Courses

For GATE 2019

Rs. 17,999

  • Strength of Materials
  • Theory of Machines
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Applied Thermodynamics
  • Material Sc. + Metrology
  • Manufactuing & Production
  • Validity: 1 year

For GATE 2020

Rs. 24,999

  • Validity: 1 year
  • All Technical subjects
  • Engineering Mathematics

For GATE 2020 / 2021

Rs. 33,999

  • Validity: 2 years
  • All Technical subjects
  • Engineering Mathematics

4 subjects are not included in GATE 2019 package.

Machine Design, Heat Transfer, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Mechanics are not included in GATE 2019 Full Video Course. You can purchase Study Material separately for these subjects on request.

All subjects are included in GATE 2020 package.

Subject Packs

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Theory of Machines

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Rs. 2999/-

Fluid Mechanics

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Rs. 2999/-

Engineering Thermodynamics

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Rs. 2999/-

Material Sc + Metrology

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Rs. 2999/-

Manufacturing & Production

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 5,999

Rs. 4999/-

Applied Thermodynamics

Validity: 1 year

Rs. 3,999

Rs. 2999/-

Group Discount

To get group discount, mail at support@exergic.in

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the access of course with my friends? 
Not in any case! We have enabled following security features for our courses which can get you in legal and financial troubles upon sharing course access / content: 
1. Every video that you will see in our portal (https://learn.exergic.in) has the watermark of your own email ID and OTP verified contact number. If you are wise, you won’t share it with anyone else, because in case your friend with whom you shared your login ID-password shared/spread some of the content publicly, it is you who will get into legal trouble. 
2. For every login, you have to enter OTP for every login. 
3. Number of logins will increase excessively if different IP addresses are accessing the course from single account. Content Security Team will contact you if such activities are noticed and your course may get blocked. Try to limit the course access from 1 device only. 
4. Our Content Security Team is keeping a watch on watching time for every account. If you have shared your access with others, this time will exceed by 2 – 3 times, which will get noticed by our team and may get your course disabled.

NOTE: You can go for group discount if your friends are also interested in joining the course, but sharing your login ID with your friends will get your course blocked in few days without any refund.

Will I get instant access to all the subjects if I enroll?

No. Uploading of videos is a regular process. We upload videos on daily basis. You can cover the syllabus with the same speed. We will upload scheduled subjects by August-September 2018.

Does this course provide study material as well?
No. This is a video only Course. For study material, you can enrol for GATE Study Material Package course here: https://exergic.in/online-content. If you want to enrol for both Video Course and Study material, you can mail at chandresh@exergic.in to know the combined discounted price.

Where are the rest 4 subjects?
4 subjects: Heat Transfer, Industrial Engineering, Machine Design and Engineering Mechanics, are not available in Full Video Course (for GATE 2019).

So, from where I can cover these rest subjects?
Those who enroll for Full Video Course (for GATE 2019) will have an option to purchase rest 4 subjects from Study Material Package course.

But there is no option in Study Material Package course to buy individual course?
You can get these 4 subjects at a cost of Rs. 599 per subject. After enrolling for Full Video Course, just mail us the receipt at chandresh@exergic.in and we will send you a payment link to enrol for rest 4 subjects.

How will I get my doubts cleared?
For resolving of doubts, there are two channels which we provide:
1. You can ask your doubts directly through online study portal. There will be a column on the right side. Just click ‘Ask’ and get your doubts resolved.
2. We have a secret Facebook group for doubt solving of enrolled students. Team Exergic is available 24 x 7 to take care of your doubts.

What is the validity of course?
Course is valid for 1 year from the date of enrolment.

How to join secret Fb doubt solving group?
Secret Facebook group is for doubt solving of enrolled students. After enrolling, email screenshot of your payment confirmation to chandresh@exergic.in. Subject of the email should be ‘Joining secret Fb group’.

Does this course has live video classes?
No. The video lectured are pre-recorded. So there is no risk of losing any class. You may watch it anytime you like.

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