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Why to choose EXERGIC

Expert in Online Prep

Started in 2016, Exergic is India’s MOST Experienced for Online GATE Preparation! We know what works best for Online prep.

Leader in GATE Mechanical

India’s only established institute which is purely GATE Mechanical-Focused. Undoubtedly, the Best for GATE Mechanical.

Exergic produces Ranks

Majority online courses never produce ranks. Exergic is the only institute consistently producing GATE Toppers through Online Courses.


Best GATE Mechanical RESULTS, 50+ Ranks in Top 100


Learn from the BEST

Our Faculties have produced GATE Top ranks consistently for years. All faculties are stable and working with long-term vision.


Why Single Faculty for Mechanical technical content?

Why Not More?

Watch the video below to know how ALL Subjects of GATE Mechanical are related.

Below video is MUST for Every Mechanical Engineer.
It will transform you and your GATE Rank !



Courses for Complete Preparation

with Full Syllabus Coverage


Courses for Numerical-Solving Skills

with Full Solved Numericals


Courses to Practice Questions

with Fully Solved numericals


Course for Notes

with Doubt Support!


Effective tools to make your Daily Prep easier.

Some of the Exergic Exclusive tools.

Daily Study Plan

Day-wise customised study plan—includes plan for completing syllabus before time, parallel revision and problem solving.

Doubt-Solving Community

No need of Social Media apps to clarify doubts—Get Unlimited doubt resolution in Dedicated doubt solving groups within course.

Revision Notes

Making self-notes is Best for you. But if you face trouble in making them or have lack of time, our Revision Notes are a perfect Revision tool.

Offline Access

No internet? No issue! Download video lectures within our App and access them offline through our mobile learning app. Study must go on.

Advanced Bookmarks

A unique tool—Bookmark specific duration of a lecture, example and questions. Access these bookmarks anytime—save ton of your time.

Students Centre

Our content is Dynamic. We continuously update and add content, examples and questions. You can get all the course updates in Students Centre.


Your other options.

If you’re thinking of joining but still evaluating other options, here are some of the closest alternatives:

Standard Books

We encourage you to read. But there are so many books to read that it can take minimum 2-3 years to master the theoretical concepts ONLY. And unfortunately, no standard books are focused on developing Numerical Solving skills. So you might still struggle to apply the theory in numericals after covering them.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is good for Free Content but ineffective for Result-Oriented preparation. Currently, YouTube has 3 Lacs+ Hours of Content for GATE Mechanical across different Channels. Finding out most effective 800 Hours of content is just not possible. Also, there is no content on Numerical Solving Skills, no structure, no personal mentoring, no doubt support, etc. etc.

Offline Coaching

Offline classes used to be good in past decade. Today, they deliver out-dated content and have failed to evolve with latest exam trend. Plus, they are very expensive.

Download EXERGIC

Free MSQ Tests, Exclusive Guidance videos, offline access, and much more. Download NOW.


Registered Students

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Minutes Watched

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Questions Solved

10+ Lacs

Doubts Resolved


Frequently asked questions.

✌️ Course Access

Yes! Entire content of all courses can be accessed seamlessly from our mobile app. Currently we have only android app, but iOS app is also coming soon.

There is a seamless sync between website and mobile app. This means that you can start watching a lecture on our website through your laptop, and if you are not able to finish the lecture and have to go to college / office, you can continue watching the lecture in your college / office in our mobile app, right from where you left!

That depends on the course you are enrolling in. You can choose course Validity till the GATE exam if you are primarily focusing on GATE. If you want to access course after GATE as well then you may go for 1 year/ 2 year validity, from the date of purchase.

There is no watch limit and you can watch a lecture any number of times.

Bonus Tip : You also get playback speed control using which you can increase/decrease playback speed.

Course and Course Login is meant to be used by a single student only. It is NOT to be shared with anyone.

We use multiple advanced security measures to detect multiple/shared login fraud. When that happens, we ban offenders without any refund since that’s a breach of our terms and services. In many cases, legal action is also taken.

No. Multiple logins are not permitted by software.

Video Lectures can be downloaded for Offline access within our Android App. You can NOT download them in your PC.

Yes. All courses are updated as per latest GATE trends. You can check Students Centre to find all the updates.

Pricing & Payment

To get a feel of the quality lectures, attend Demo here →

Yes. You can access all videos instantly after completing the payment. To make sure that you study from the most relevant and updated content, we keep updating our content in all our courses. EXERGIC will keep adding more concepts, examples, tips and tricks to your course as per the requirement of changing GATE trends and pattern without any extra payment of fees.

Recorded Lectures are fully taught in simple and easy-to-understand English Language. You can discuss in Live Lectures with faculty in Hindi/English.

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PS: We use advanced security measures to detect multiple/shared login fraud. When that happens, we ban offenders without any refund since that’s a breach of our terms and services.



Any other questions?

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